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Agrohíd's choice with an eye on the future

Agrohíd Ipari kft.

Based in Mezőtúr, Agrohíd Ipari Kft. specializes in metal works; manufacturing parts, tools and devices for car production lines, as well as producing special tooling, setup and control elements for different workshops.

Agrohíd Ipari kft.Since launching the company in 1989, management and employees of Agrohíd have been striving to meet client requirements on the highest possible level through mutually beneficial cooperation. With future business opportunities in mind, a strategic decision has been made: beyond reinforcing their position as direct suppliers for the tooling workshops of several leading car makers, they will move towards a technology which will significantly expand their field as suppliers.

Acquiring a Tier1 automotive supplier qualification is a process which requires solutions for a series of crucial challenges: besides producing precise and timely quotes, the company must meet strict deadlines as well as specific quality and quantity criteria. Optimized communication and data exchange are also essential, while production models need to be seamlessly read, used and modified if necessary. For the required machining tasks, Agrohíd have installed 5-axis CNC machines in their Martfű workshop: 2 Akira Seiki models (with Mitsubishi control) and a Hedelius (with Heidenhain control), which can create sculptured surfaces through 3D processing.

The most suitable tools to meet the aforementioned challenges were provided by Dassault Systėmes in the form of a solution suite based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and customized for metal cutting processes. The suite fully covers requirements for data reading, production planning and communications. Information is stored in databases accessible to all participants, ensuring the use of up-to-date data. It also provides an extensive tool set to read all CATIA V5 data and plan machining processes. The suite is also used for 5-axis machining, which is fully automatized. As part of the implementation process, post-processors were customized, the software was installed and detailed trainings were conducted.

Agrohíd Ipari Kft. Agrohíd Ipari Kft.

Agrohíd professionals believe that the solution suite has provided them with tools to effectively reduce the length of previously complicated and time-consuming machining preparation procedures and tool path calculations, and also helps them to guarantee high production quality. The database system features the added value of necessary security and flexibility, while supporting seamless communication with the customer: it ensures true color display which carries crucial information concerning production technology, tolerance and machining quality.

3D processing has been first implemented for AUDI. The OEM validated the full production process and the supporting technological solutions in multiple rounds, and ruled that Agrohíd had made an enormous step towards realizing their mutual goals. Agrohíd's development has proven so successful that similar cooperation agreements have been initiated with other car manufacturers.

Agrohíd Ipari Kft. Agrohíd Ipari Kft.

Future developments are intended to be designed in a way to significantly extend their production capabilities and capacity, thus ensuring continuous flow of orders. Their plans for the near future include qualitative replacement of roughing and preparing machines for billet production in their 3D machining centers, as well as the purchase of new 3D machines. Their summarized long-range goal is to stabilize the entire production process on a high technological level in order to ensure their efficient response to future challenges.

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